a day well spent with poor kids

We tried to Help Poor Kids by giving back to the society

A Day Spent with underprivileged kids

No one has ever become poor by giving.”The quote mentioned here is absolutely correct.In this world full of hypocrites , people had really missed the joy of giving.But there are some young inspirational minds , not from big metro-cities but from small towns coming and helping the ones in need.In this article , I am going to tell you about a day spent with underprivileged kids.


underprivileged kidsgirls helping poor kids

A small group named “Nanhe Sapne” (Little Dreams) organized this ‘Bringing Smiles on Diwali’. Now let us dig deeper into the happenings of the event.

On 8th of November the “Nanhe Sapne” with members namely , Mohit Uppal, Surbhi Sharma , Shivani Miglani , Dhruv Khurana , Sajal Jain , Sarandeep Kaur , Rishabh Jain ,Rishav Uppal, Manoj Gangwar & Anish George divided their two teams and went to the underprivileged kids in the locality so they could cover more in a single day.The first team went to a slum near  Matkhera Road , Bilaspur U.P (ZIP -244921) and the second team went to Laxminagar , Bilapsur U.P ( ZIP 244921).

poor kids enjoying parents helping poor kids

All the members carried some food packets , old clothes , shoes , sketch pens , Sweets , School Bags , Sweaters etc. to distribute it among them to bring smile on their faces this Diwali.

Watching them come , the kids got super-pumped because they knew something good was coming for them. The kids gathered. There were kids more than expected.

All the kids sat in rows , so the members could interact personally with everyone. There are 50 kids with the Team I and approx 40-50 kids with Team II . The interaction began with introduction of those little angels.

kids getting happy

All of them responded quite well. When asked how many of them went to school , most of them replied positively but then there were some folks that weren’t that lucky enough. One of the members asked this 8 year old boy that why he do not like to go to school , the fellow peers shouted and told us that his father want him to go to school but he denies and wanted to earn to make his ends meet.

help poor kids

This really hit me hard. We , here are showing tantrums of not having the latest smartphone or maybe the best pair of shoes or a high-end bike and on the other hand are these innocent souls battling day-in and day-out just to earn , so that they do not go to bed empty stomach.

I really appreciate the members of “Nanhe Sapne“. Being teenagers yet responsible citizens , they are coming from families like us and giving back to the society.Which is a great initiative itself.

girls helping poor kids

The event continued , after giving all the useful goodies , again they sat down for snacks. Their faces lit up ! The members distributed home made Aloo-Puri ( Indian Dish) and Tikki ( made from mashed potatoes).

All of them ate , even the members managed to feed the parents and elderly people too.After all of them were fed , the members clicked pictures with of all of those innocent souls.Everyone was Happy and had smiles on their faces. And YES , they were successful in bringing smile on their faces.

giving back to the community

The elder people present there gave blessings to all of them and wished them all luck for their bright future. Watching those jump in joy was my favourite part. Those shiny eyes and those innocent cheeks were so happy.

The day was called off , all the members collected their belongings and other stuff and went back home. I am sure they had the most satisfying and peaceful sleep ever.  I wish all the very best to the members of “Nanhe Spane” and i hope they all touch flying colors in their life. And you must be wondering how I know this much about the event, So here I am (The one in the middle) :A day with underprivileged kids

The quote mentioned above had its full meaning realized after this event i.e nobody has ever became poor by giving. So if you too want to give back to the society let us know.Or if you can help families of the martyred soliders. Or donate your old books to the needy. Comment down below or mail us at : info.helpmewish@gmail.com

We will surely help you in giving sharing back to the community.


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