Angels on Earth

Haldwani Online 2011 Group serves the humanity once again !

Finally , we have found some people on earth to whom we can address as Angels of God.Yes you heard it right ! They are true angels on earth.

Now , this event was shared with us by one of their representatives Mr. Sharoon Khan , so let us know what happened in brief.

As we all know about the temperature that we are sorrounded with , sometimes it goes as low as 3 degree C or it remains around 6-8 degree celcius, We all wear expensive coats , premium jackets and what not to keep us warm and functioning. But has anyone thought what would the poor and needy be going through in this spine chilling winter ?

The answer is a YES ! The Haldwani online group 2011 did. The Group is always active and working for the needy. The members of the group are ready to take action anytime they are told to.

So , this event happened in Haldwani , where the group members of Haldwani Online 2011 lead by the admin Mr. Amit Kholia went in a locality to distribute warm clothes to them.

The group distributed warm clothes like Quilt , Sweaters and Shall to the needy. That was a very beautiful and heart-melting experience as narrated by Mr. Sharoon Khan.

Now , Some of you might say , wasn’t that expensive to give away warm clothes ? My answer to them is , ” You might estimate the value of the warm clothes that were given away , but you will surely not be able to estimate the value of their blessings on the people who did it.”

And to those who ask , ‘ why am I calling them angels on earth ?’ to that my answer is that ” Angels are those who come to rescue people and help the needy at the right place at the right moment. That is why I always refer the entire group of Haldwani Online 2011 as Angels on earth.

Hope you enjoyed reading this yet worthy article that is enough to prove that there is still humanity left in the world. And for your information I am the member of the group and I observe them very closely and I have found out that the entire group is very helpful and always ready to help. So I find it very nice.

So, Cheers to humanity !

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