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Child Labour & Its CoNSEQUENCES

“A Child is meant to learn, not to earn.” The quote mentioned narrates a big problem itself. YES ! you thought that right it is CHILD LABOUR. According to various definitions in wikipedia and other sources you can understand about child labour quite easily but in real life , the scene is quite complicated.So Today I am going to tell you about the latest trend of child labour and its dire consequences.

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Every teenager or a student , once in a life have came across an assignment to do an essay on child labour , Every school in India organizes some sort of activity in their schools like drama , plays  , speeches , article writing & essay writing where once they have to perform on child labour. I don’t know why we are preparing children for writing essays when we are not telling them what the real problem is! Now let us dig deeper on child labour and its consequences.

Reasons for Child lABOUR


The main reason for child labour is poverty. Everyone wants to go to bed after eating a good supper , that is why all these innocent souls work day and night all seven days a week to fill their empty stomach of themselves and their family.

2. harsh Circumstances

Some circumstances make it difficult for the parents to survive in their mere income , so they let their children earn for their family. For example : In a family of four , Mother , father and two sons , if the father goes through some mishappening like accident and he is bed ridden , then to make ends meet his sons will work.

3. Literacy rate

The kids that are indulged into child labour mostly come from uneducated background or their parents are barely literate. With the improve in education system , I am expecting to get rid of this social evil as soon as possible.

Child labour LAws In India

affects of child labour

Indian constitution states that no child below the age of 18 is allowed to work in any factory , institutions and shops and they have restricted the children to work in life-risking factories. Like fire-crackers industry & Chemical industry where they can get life-threatning diseases.

Whatever the child labour laws in India be , but there are still some places & shops where these innocent kids work very hard under bad conditions with no safety and health issues just not go to bed with empty stomach.

i request to the government officials to make the policies of child labour more strict and rigid , so that the exploitation of kids could be stopped before it gets out of hands.

Effects of child labour

Child labour is mostly prominent in developing nations and it have some of the severe effects:

1. loss of education

In the age of studying , these kids are forced into working as an adult , which reduces their interest in learning and they have loss of their education , which is harmful for a developing nation like India.

2. health Risks

Sometimes, these kids are forced into working in fire crackers industry where they work with highly flammable and explosives or they work in a brick making chimney where they inhale and exhale harmful air which proves to be very harmful and it can causes various life-threatning diseases like asthama , bronchitis , and lung failure.

 How to stop Child labour

Now the question arises that how to stop child labour , the right way is to spread awareness among the societies and different areas where this malpractice is followed.

We have to get rid of this social evil from our country as soon as possible and why don’t we try from our levels ? Yes , we can do it together from our perspective like we can donate books   or help them study .

Child labour and its consequences can be lethal for a nation like India because to be a super-power in the world we have to let our angels fly in freedom.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the content please feel free to drop down a comment , i will reply to your comments as soon as possible.

Till Then , Take care & All the best for your future !

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