donate books to children in 2018

Donate Books to Children

donate books to children

“Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.” The quote is absolutely correct but some¬†underprivileged kids are not able to complete their education due to lack of books.So In this article I will tell you how you can donate books to children.

But before diving deep into telling you how to donate books to them , let us have a look at some points that reveals how much we are lacking in providing quality education to rural areas.donate books to children

My friends dad is a teacher of government school. One evening I went to meet my friend while his dad was also present at that time. Now we were having small chit chat and I asked him ” Uncle what is the condition of those little angels in your school?”

He told me that students in rural areas are deprived of quality education , because the textbooks they read are not updated , misprint and other factors become hindrances in getting quality education. This small conversation with him has ignited a spark in me to write more about this.

He also told me that most of the teachers are busy solving their trivial issues and the are more engaged or say thrown into election-invigilation etc. The government  has done various schemes like distributing mid-day meals and other stuff , but they are not capable of providing good quality text books.

donate books

Good quality textbooks provide better perspective to understand , analyze and solve the problem , outdated and half-knowledge is deadly.

And the other things what I have noticed is that most of the students and their parents do is , after completion of an academic year they collect their books and notes and sell it to the garbage collector. The worst part is that after they are recycled , they are mostly used for serving roasted peanuts , samosa etc by the street hawkers and vendors.The books are left of no use.

There are many students who are intelligent and want to pursue more but their financial position is not in that state where they can buy books to study , they are deprived of quality education just because of books !

So i thought to write this article , Just to tell you what is happening within our environment and how we can donate books to children not only in a particular country or a region but for the whole world.

Lack of quality books is the problem of all developing and under-developed countries. Countries like India , Pakistan , Africa , Bangladesh etc face this problem of lack of updated books.

How to donate books to children ?

I request to all our respected readers that kindly do not sell any of your books , they might not be useful to you but could make someone’s career. No matter , the book doesn’t look good but it is still a treasure of information for some of the students who is just trying to get that book which you consider useless.donate IAS books

Many of administrative aspirants that come from a low income family are not able to afford those books required to study. There are many students who want to crack the government exams but they have lack of resources.

Lack of resources majorly affect the learning of the students. If you are worrying that how you are going to donate books to children and how you are going to send it to them , then you don’t need to worry there are websites like mypustak and where you just sign up , fill -in the details of the book and they will come and take your books and donate it to the needy.


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In the conclusion i just want to say that If you can change someone’s life for good then please do it. Your good deeds will surely pay-off and you will feel satisfied bringing a smile on a face.

And if you want to help more of books and want to help the martyred solider’s families , you can have a look at out recent blog post ” Donate money to the indian army ” or want be a proud citizen of India and want us to help eradicate malnutrition from India , read our other post ” Malnourished children and modern poverty

If you have any queries related to this topic kindly consider commenting below , i will personally reply to your comments and problems.

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