donate money to the indian army

Donate Money to the Indian Army 2018

Donate Money to the indian Army

                                                “Once a solider , Always a solider “

The above quotation is absolutely correct as each and every slider in the army is always born to fight and trained to kill the enemies and he is prepared to die for the country , he may die physically but the solider lives forever in everyone’s heart.So in today’s article i will tell you how and Why should you donate money to the Indian Army.

Indian army has operations across the globe and is considered one of the best armies in the world . Like every other military , Indian army also serves whenever they have their call , whether floods , earthquakes , stampede , attacks , riots etc.

But the question arises that what happens when a solider is martyred. Let us know

What happens when a solider is martyred ?

The armies are trained for the worst case scenarios , they know how to search the area and investigate when there is something suspicious.

But sometimes circumstances are not in favour so some soliders martyr for their motherland.

there are several things that happen after a solider dies in the battlefield.

1. Government Aid

If there is a big terrorist attack or something serious in which a military personnel loses his/her life then the government comes forward and helps the families for a short period of time.

They provide upto 5,000,000 INR as a financial help for their families. but it is also for only those who are high rank officials or they have some other ways of judging , let us leave that fact aside and see more of what we can do to help them.

2. friend & Relativesmilitary deployed in 2018

When a solider is martyred , their friends and  other relatives help them financially for a very short period of time , and above all for how long they can manage to help them financially. So we should contribute small-small amounts from everyone to donate money to the indian army.

WHy only government & relatives ? Why Not us?

Now the question arises why only government and the martyred solider’s relatives help their families, why can’t we ? Don’t we have duty to help his family when his son was fighting for us , letting us sleep peacefully while he took bullets on his chest ?

We are all having enough , instead we spend money on useless things ! Atleast we can help donate money to the indian army and their families so that they can live financially free.

I know I cannot make a big difference alone but all of us together can help the families of martyred soliders who laid their life for us , for the mother earth. Even if we donate 50 INR each , Someday we will be able to fund his child’s education so that he would become great just like his father.

*Donate money to the indian army *

Spending on useless things and items may not let you feel satisfied but if you help those families in pain , your karma will help you touch flying colours and you will live a successful life as you have blessings of those family members.donate money to the indian army

I have played my part in making you understand that there are families of army men that needs your support ! if you cannot stay on the border to fight then I request you to please support their families who sent their only child on the border to fight for our country.

Below the article there is a link to donate money to the indian army , if you wish you can donate .

For foreign donations I am attaching Paypal link below the button which will be live soon as it is in progress.

When a certain amount is raised we will donate this amount to the families of martyred army men.

As is a platform that informs you about the conditions and financial helplessness of people , so that donors & contributors across the globe could help them.



FOR FOREIGN DONATIONS : (Link under construction)

Thank you for reading !

To Serve the army : click here


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