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Tough time for Indian Diya Makers in 2018

Tough time for indian diya-makers: please buy earthen lamps! 

You must be wandering why I am asking you to boycott Chinese lights and to go for earthen lamps. Well, We have to dig deeper into this matter because there are some untapped things which the world needs to know.

poor earthen lamp makers

We Indians are fascinated by all those things which soothes our pockets and is in our budgets. To grab all those deals we forget some ethics which we need to follow.

Now you must be wondering , Who am I to tell you to follow ethics ? But as an Indian you are my brothers and sisters , so I have responsibility to make you aware of the happenings around.

Mostly few weeks before Diwali ( Festival of lights) people start asking to go green , do not burst crackers etc etc . But I am not going to discuss about all that. My perspective is different.

What if we celebrate Diwali as you always you do but do something which lights up someone’s home ? Most of you’ll say YES ! but how to do that ? So my friend the answer is simple just buy earthen lamps.

In India , there are many potters or Diya-makers that still make earthen lamps for Diwali and expect people to buy it from them but their expectations all goes in vain.

poor diya makers

They say ” We were all happy and selling earthen lamps until the Chinese producers came into the market and all our customers vanished.” He also added that people buy those lights because they are cheap.

Now , here’s the worst part about this thing : All of us when we pay money to these poor diya-makers , they buy sweets , clothes for their family unless all those big producers sitting in China collecting money from us to build and strengthen their infrastructure.

Those Chinese producers just export cheap quality lights to us and we believe we are getting a good deal. I would like to ask you a question ” What looks more beautiful ? A dwelling decorated by traditional dia lighting or a home decorated with Chinese lights which swallowed happiness and Diwali s of all those earthen lamp makers ?” 

I hope your conscience has answered it all. If you are still not convinced , and for some reasons you still want to go for those lights , then please buy at least 5-10 earthen lamps , so that he too gets something and his family doesn’t sleep empty stomach.


Last year , when we Indians decided not to buy Chinese lights 10% of those stocks went bad & they all went mad ! This year and all the upcoming years , try reducing consumption of Chinese Products , Use Indian products so that the money you spend comes back to our economy only.

You can read the tough conditions faced by Diya-makers here.

Celebrate Diwali with Indian army or Poor Children , it will surely satisfy your soul. So this Diwali let’s make someone smile buy more earthen lamps !

Chinese Diwali Lights

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