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Haldwani Online 2011 Group celebrates Children’s Day

Haldwani Online 2011 brought Smiles again !

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource & they are the best hope of our future.” The quote we mentioned here is up-to the mark but there are some poor angels that cannot fly high into sky just because of poor financial condition. Haldwani Online 2011 is a group of people who took care of the children on this children’s day. Now let us know what happened.

poor kids getting candies


On 14th of November 2018 the “Haldwani Online 2011” group with the administrator Mr. Amit Kholiya and the members , namely Pritibha Bisht , Zeeshan Ali Qureshi , Mr. Kamal Upreti , Himanshu Sharma , Nia Thakur & Sharoon Khan Shammi and others went to a locality near Haldwani’s Railway station to celebrate children’s day.

Haldwani online 2011

haldwani online 2011 facebook group

Now , I would like to ask you that ” Which kid  doesn’t like candies & cookies ?” And you must be wandering what a strange question it is , as every kid likes to eat candies & Cookies. Yes ! this is what happened , watching the jar of Bourbon Cookies all of them surrounded the members with those gloomy eyes shining , waiting eagerly to have it.

NGO distributing candies

The group began distributing it. The raising voice ” Uncle Me !” , “Uncle ! Please one for my little sister ” , “Didi , Can i have one more ?” It just crushes my heart to the core. Here, we all wait eagerly wait for the next iPhone to launch , sitting in our homes relaxing watching Netflix and there are these kids , eating every chunk of the cookie and praying to god to send them again everyday ! just to eat those bag full of chips , a packet of cookies.

Continuing with the event , Mr. Amit Kholiya asked those innocent souls about the importance of Children’s day, but they were so busy with cookies & treats that the question itself lost its importance.Which I am sure that all the members must have smiled on it and also at the same time they must have felt sad for them.

Watching those tiny hands , eat with so much happiness , the moment seemed to have frozen . The joy and satisfaction, the group has witnessed is totally priceless. I personally appreciate the group ‘Haldwani Online 2011’ for contributing the joy of giving in the society.

When we had a talk with one of their members , they told us “It was a mesmerizing moment , being with those kids , celebrating children’s day and smiles on their faces made me realize that how lucky we are !”

He also told us that apart from cookies , chips and candies they also distributed balloons , Pens , books , pencils etc , which will help them get back to school and had an amazing interactive session with those children.

giving away it for free

After everything was done , the event came to an end. The members collected their stuff back and pondered over for a moment. I am sure after this event their mind would be in a state of peace and inner-satisfaction.

Helping those in need and making someone happy even just for a day , boosts your morale so much that you love to do it again and again. This is what the group ” Haldwani Online 2011″ thinks of.

They have joined hands together just to make this world a better place to live in.They have a wonderful facebook group ! Go check them .and show them support click here

Another group also did the same event on Diwali and they tried bringing smiles on the faces of poor children and they succeeded.

We should all take inspiration from them and we all especially the youth of the country should move forward in helping those in need , so that together we ensure that no-one stops their education , no-one go to the bed empty stomach and no-one should dump their goal just because of financial problem.

If you have any thoughts , please let me know in the comments . I read and reply to each and every comment.


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