Malnutrition in India

Malnourished Children & Modern Poverty

modern poverty & Malnourished Children

Yes , you read that right ! We will talk about modern poverty and malnourished children. The condition right now is so serious that probably this evil will not be eradicated from the world.So is telling you the whole story.healthy children growth


Poverty has been prevailing in India from a long period of you might be asking is what do we mean by modern poverty ? Isn’t it the same ? My answer to your question is “YES” , it is kind of a same thing.

Everyone seems to happy about the increasing rate GDP every year, We hear on various news channels that , the GDP of India has outranked the GDP of France , GDP of this following country etc. But one thing you should know that GDP is not an index of welfare of people.

If with every increase in the level of GDP , distribution of GDP is getting more unequal, the welfare level of the society (called social welfare) may not rise.

malnourished children

Now let us briefly discuss the reasons of increasing poverty in India.

Why is it happening ?

Long ago , we used various other measures to determine poverty now we have different measures to judge them. So now let us have a look at those reasons.

1. Underpaid youth

All those young talents those who are capable of touching the flying colours are migrating abroad in search of work , where their work is appreciated not their academics. the rest of the youth is still underpaid , they are not getting even close to what they deserve.


growing inflation in india

The inflation rate is considered to increasing @ 6%p.a which is very high and the lower class has to suffer this rate of inflation.

Talking about malnourished Children

Malnutrition means when the body does not get enough nutrients. According to Google ” there are more than 1 Million cases per year” . Now you can make a guess what the number would be for the world.

malnourished children

And various other sources states that mainly children in rural and backward areas are affected by malnourishment.

More than 100 districts of India have children malnourished. States like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar  , Tamil Nadu ,Madhya Pradesh , Rajasthan & Maharashtra.

Now let us get deep into the topic of Malnourished Children to find out what are main reasons of this social evil.

1. Sanitation : Is it ?sanitation condition in india

Yes ! Various evidences are present on the internet which shows malnutrition prevails in areas where there is less sanitation and cleanliness. When there is less availability of sanitation and proper drinking water , there is a high risk of malnourished children in the area.

2. Bad economic condition

Malnutrition also prevails where the condition of the parents is not so good to feed them even for a time. Parents with low purchasing power are not capable of buying products to cover up the lack of nutrition in their children , Anyway which parent will see their child suffer from malnutrition.

A recent survey

World Health Organization has made its own chart to measure malnutrition, this consist of height and weight of the child , underweight and wasting. But India is a vast country where people belong to different backgrounds and ethnic groups. So in certain communities people are short but that does not mean that they are under-nourished or they are suffering from malnutrition.

There should be some other formula to assess malnutrition.You can read a more detailed version of this here.

how to curb ?

Now we have created all the measures to assess malnutrition , but creating an index to measure it won’t solve the problem.The focus must be on eradicating this evil from the society that is prevailing in our country for so long.¬† Now these following ways are some areas where everyone must focus so that for a change we can help this problem to solve.

1. Safe drinking water & Food

Safe drinking water should be provided to the areas affected by malnourished children and families.

2. proper sanitation

Government schemes like ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan” and others have helped the rural areas get proper sanitation and hygine, now the people should take care of it.


If these two key areas are conquerd then we will surely conquer malnutrition and we would be able to take care of malnourished children.donate to malnourished children

If you guys have any suggestion , edits , ideas or comments about this topic then make sure you drop a comment below. I personally reply to your comments and mails. I kindly request you to create awareness among the general public about this issue.

We should join hands together and help these poor malnourished children to get out of this problem and help them to live the life they wanted to live.

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